80 years young and still going strong Mary Gilberd Artist

Mary Gilberd, Artist

Mary Gilberd, my mother, celebrated her 80th Birthday in March 2010 and I would like to dedicate this page to her and her lifetime of achievement.

The photo of her I have chosen pretty much sums up how she will feel when she discovers what I have done, I do not need words to describe it, you can read the emotions on her beautiful face.

I have decorated this page with some of Marys paintings that she has given us over the years and a lovely selection is on display in our Barn Stay (B&B) room.

My mother discovered her artistic talents to our delight on retiring, something she inherited from her beloved father Norbert. I remember as a child receiving delightful sketches of animals from my grandfather in England and listening to Mum tell me stories of her life in a small Lincolnshire village.

It was in the village that she discovered her musical ability and she has spent most of her life (when finances permitted) living in close proximity to a piano.

As a Christian everyday and in all aspects of her life it will be no surprise that to you that she has for over 60 years played the organ in Catholic churches in England, New Zealand and Australia and has also launched many happy couples on the along the aisle to their wedding vows (I should remember, I was the page turner overer in my younger days).

Mary has been happily married to Patrick for over 50 years and as well as bringing up 2 boys and reaching the highest clerical levels in the NZ Civil Service she has partnered him in business and up until recently actively worked alongside him in a hands on capacity in social work for the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Mary is the youngest 80 year old I have ever known. To give you an insight into this, she has carried on a lifetime habit to this day of taking time out to go and visit the elderly (many now much younger than herself) and touch them with her compassion, empathy and joy of life.

Do not get me wrong, my Mother is no Angel, she is just the closest thing to one you could ever meet.

Congratulations Mum and Happy Birthday

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